2014 Resolutions



Opening Address by the Moderator: Presbyter M.O.Mototo

The Moderator opened the session by singing hymn 327 from Hosanna Hymn Book and thereafter said a prayer. She then read scripture from the book of Deuteronomy 29: 1-9, and Isaiah 54:10.

The main theme of the synod session was “Bring back the Glory of God” and it was based on Deuteronomy 29:9, where God commands us to carefully follow the terms of the covenant so that we may prosper in everything we do. We are in the covenant of love, grace and eternal life.

What is a covenant? It is a legally binding agreement between God and Man

A covenant explains the conditions, responsibilities, stipulations and obligations of this agreement. It is a give and take type of agreement.

God entered into a covenant of blessings with Abraham where he told Abraham to leave his country and his people and his father’s households and go to the land He will show him. He promised Abraham that He will make him into a great nation and He will also bless him, and make his name great (Genesis 12: 1-2)

God also entered into a covenant with Noah to build an ark because He found him to be a righteous man, and he blessed him and his sons by saying to them “Be fruitful and increase in number and fill the earth” (Genesis 9:1)

God also covenanted with Moses about the Ten Commandments at the Mount Sinai where he stayed for 40 days and 40 nights. Genesis 20.

We have entered into a covenant of love, compassion and eternal life with God. What then are our responsibilities in this covenant? Our terms and conditions of the covenant are stipulated in Exodus 20: the Ten Commandments which Christ later summarised in Matthew 22: 34-40 “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul and all your mind”. Secondly, love your neighbour as you love yourself. All the laws and the prophets hang on these 2 commandments.

My unfailing love for you will not be shaken, nor my covenant of peace. Says the Lord who has compassion on you.

We need to be constantly reminded about God’s unfailing love.

The whole Bible teaches us how to relate with God and mankind. God keeps and remembers his covenant. The question is; are we keeping the end of the deal? Are we still married to Christ or have the challenges of life made us separate with Him?

The Church today

In the Kingdom of God today there are people like the two sons of Eli – Hophni and Phineas. They do as they please. There is no respect of the Pulpit – which means pulling people from the pit of darkness, the pit of destruction. What is prominent today is the Push pit. We are pushing people into the pit of darkness and destruction by teaching false doctrine.

We are like Eli; we are unable to apply discipline because we are afraid that people will hate us. We are buying the people’s faces at the expense of the purity of God’s word. Let us make sure that wrong people do not carry the Ark of the Covenant.

It is time to bring back the Glory of God in the Church and in our lives. We cannot build a victorious church with unrighteous people; the Glory of God must come back. We therefore need to be righteous before God.

It takes 2 to tango. God cannot dance alone, we cannot dance alone, and we need to be with God, to follow all the stipulations. As we introspect, let us remember our first love, who is faithful. May we renew the covenant of God today and renounce all other covenant’s that are contrary to God’s. It is important to accept that God loves us and His love is unconditional and limitless. Satan will never defeat us.

God’s promise in Isaiah 54:10 “Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed” says the Lord who has compassion on you.

Bring back the Glory of God to the church - Amen

A. General information

Leadership of the Synod - that is members of Moderamen. Boeteledipele

jwa Sinoto

Agenda Pt.5. Min.Pt 5.1

Moderator - Her Eminence M. O. Mototo

Assessor - Her Grace K.S. Mokgosi

Scriba - Right Honourable M.P.Konzane

Actuarius - Dominus S.C.Kgobokoe

Assistant Scriba – Honourable M.S.Tsotetsi

B: For attention of Church Councils and Classes in our Synod

1. The use of language during meetings

Min. Pt. 11.1. Ag. O.C. Pt.11

Every member should be very careful of the type of language he / she uses. The language should befit the meeting and dignity of God’s children.

Tokollo nngwe le nngwe e tlhokomele mofuta le maitseo a puo ya gagwe mo kopanong tsa kereke. Puo ya tokollo mo kopanong e nne le maitseo le go tshwanela seriti sa kopano ya bana ba Modimo.

2. Issues to be addressed to the Chair

Min. Pt. 18 Ag. O.C 18

During the meeting, members should know that we address the chairman only. No member should address another member. If a point of order is called, the one on the floor should sit down and wait for the chairman’s rule.

Mo kopanong, ditokollo di itse gore fa o ema o bua, o lebisa puo ya gago kwa go Modula-setilo. Ga wa tshwanela go lebisa puo ya gago go tokollo e nngwe. Fa e kare tokollo e nngwe e ntse e bua, o mongwe a ema a dira motlhagiso wa “paakanyo / point of order”, tokollo e e buang e tlaa dula fatshe go letela tshwetso ya Modula-setilo.

3. Use of SMS’s Min.Pt.6.2.2. Ag. Scr. Pt.2.2

The synod resolved that the use of SMS’s should be avoided, and all notices of the church should be made through letters and in matters that are urgent, electronic mail where available should be used

Fa motho a dira thulaganyo ya dikopano tsa kereke, a seke a dirisa SMS, a kwale makwalo mme fa batho ba na le e-mail, ba ka e dirisa mo mabakeng a potlako.

4. Updating of yearbook Min. Pt.6.3. Ag. Scr. Pt.3.

Congregations are requested to give appropriate information before the end of May, for the updating of the yearbook.

Diphuthego di kopiwa gore ngwaga le ngwaga pele ga bofelo ba kgwedi ya Motsheganong, ba neelane ka thulaganyo e e nepagetseng ya seemo sa phuthego ya bona, gore buka ya ngwaga le ngwaga e tle e senole maemo a nnete ka diphuthego tsa rona.

5. Office of the synod Min.Pt. 8.1. Rept. Adm.Pt.1. Temp. Comm),


The synod has resolved that in order to aim at having an office in future, every congregation in our synod should start this year by contributing R500-00 every year towards the office fund, but if a congregation can afford to give more, that is welcomed.

Sinoto se feditse gore phuthego e nngwe le e nngwe e ntshe madi a a kana ka R500-00 ngwaga le ngwaga go kgontsha Sinoto go ka aga dikantoro mme fa phuthego e ka kgona go ntsha go feta, seo se tlaa amogelwa le go itumelelwa ke Sinoto.

6. Letlhasedi

Makgotlha a diphuthego a rotloediwa ke Sinoto go ikwadisetsa letlhasedi. Diphuthego di rotloediwa gape go romela dikgang tse di maleba tsa bona kwa letlhaseding gore di tle di tlhagisiwe. Diphuthego di itsisiwe gore go ikwadisetsa letlhasedi ke R20-00 fela ka ngwaga, mme o tlaa amogela letlhasedi ka kotara

Diphuthego di kopiwa gore go nne le motho yo o phuthang madi mmogo le di address tsa batho botlhe ba ba ikwadisang, gore letlhasedi le tle le romelwe ka tlhamallo kwa go bone. Sinoto se feditse gore Moruti Dr. M.P.Mohapi e nne mogokaganyi mmogo le Bloemfontein. Fa phuthego e rata go itse go le gontsi, e ikgolaganye le office ya Sinoto.

7. Madi a mesepele/travelling allowances.Min.Pt. 8.7.

Ag.Rept.Adm. 7

The price of petrol is going up regularly and the work of the congregations is beginning to suffer due to lack of mobility from service providers. Congregations will understand that clergy in our church get very little bonamenzae. The synod has therefore agreed to raise the travelling allowance to: -

a) R3-00 per km.

b) R3-30 if travelling with passengers to the same occasion

c) If using public transport, it is the cost of the journey plus R20-00

Madi ano a mesepele a tlaa simolla go dira gona gompieno.

8. Synodical and Classis dues. Min. Pt. 8.9. Ag. Rept.Adm.Pt.9.

Dikgafela tsa Sinoto le sedika

The synod has approved new tariffs for this session. Congregations will from now pay R30-00 per member per year. This amount will be divided as follows: - R10-00 will remain in the classis and R20-00 will be send to the synod.

Sinoto e fetotse dikgafela tsa Sinoto le Sedika.Tokollo e le nngwe e tlaa duela R30-00 ka ngwaga jaaka dikgafela tsa Sinoto le Sedika. Mme yona e tlaa kgaoganngwa jaana: - R10-00 e tlaa sala mo letloleng la sedika fa R20-00 e romelwe kwa letloleng la Sinoto.

9. Research on money making in the congregation.

Min.Pt.8.11. Ag. Rept. Adm.Pt.11

Sinoto se dumalane gore go fudugiwe mo mekgweng ya tlwaelo ya go ntsha dikgafela, mme go tsewe mokgwa wa Beibele, ebong go ntsha karolo ya bolesome, jaaka go kwadilwe mo go Malakia 3:8-10.

The synod has resolved to do away with the old card system of collecting dues from members of the congregations, and follow the Bible root of tithing. The church councils must vigorously embark on teaching congregations the route of giving God instructed us to follow. If we can learn to tithe, many problems will be paved away.

10. Stipend for caretaker Clergy (Konsulent) Min. Pt.8.14.Ag.Rept.


Congregations are requested to pay their Konsulent a fee of R400-00 per month. This stipend is for the appointed Konsulent, not for those who have been requested to assist on that specific day.

Diphuthego di kopiwa go duela Moruti wa tsona wa motlhokomedi madi a a kana ka R400-00 ka kgwedi, ka gonne Moruti wa motlhokomedi o kaiwa jaaka Moruti wa phuthego eo. Se ga se akaretse Moruti yo o kopilweng go tlisa ditirelo fela ka nako eo.

11. Madi a manyalo Min.Pt.8.15. Ag. Rept. Adm.Pt. 15

Sinoto se rulagantse madi a manyalo jaana: -

a) Fa motho a nyadisiwa ke kereke ebile e tshegofatsa lenyalo la gagwe, madi otlhe a a duelwang ke R500-00. Monyadisi R400-00 mme kereke ke R100-00

b) Fa motho a nyetse kwa komisinara mme a tshegofatsa lenyalo la gagwe mo kerekeng, o duela R300-00. Monyadisi ke R200-00 mme kereke ke R100-00. Kereke e kgothaletse badumedi go nyala mo kerekeng.

12. Suspension of certain items in the synod form NST – 04

Min. Pt. 8.18. Rept. Adm. Pt.18

The synod resolved to suspend certain items in the synod form NST-04. That means those items should not be considered when filling the form. The items are: -

a) Funds items 1,2,3,4.

Collection items 2,3,4,6.

b) You just fill in

i) Dues for synod and classis

ii) Church News Organ (Letlhasedi)

iii) South African Bible Society

iv) Widow gratification fund

The reason why we suspend those other items is that congregations contribute very little on them.

13. Submission Of synod forms Min. Pt. 8.19, Ag. Rept. Adm.Pt.19

Congregations are requested to submit synod forms on yearly basis. Congregations must also know that synod forms, as listed by the office and send to you, must be filled and be approved by the church council, and then send to the office of the synod every year before the end of June for the synod to know the progress of congregations.

14. Suggested Honoraria per year Min.Pt.8.20, Ag. Rept. Adm.


Tlhatso diatla gangwe ka ngwaga.

The synod approved that the following tariffs be applied by church organs as shown: -


Moderator - 900

Scriba - 700

Actuarius - 800

Administrator - 800

Archivist - 500


Chairman - 400-00

Chairman of classis commission - 500-00

Scriba - 600-00

Quaestor - 500-00

Church Councils

Chairman of church council in comm. -800-00

Scriba -900-00

Quaestor - 800-00


CVV President 900-00

Vice President 500-00

Scriba 500-00

15. Widow gratification fund Min.Pt.8.21. Ag. Rept. Adm.Pt.21

The synod took a serious decision at Tshwane in 2010, to take care of the widows of the clergy of our church, as well as some emeritus clergy who are not capable of doing anything for themselves. It appears the church councils do not take heed of this decision, except those who have donated something through NST-04.

We recommend to the church councils that even though you donate some money, please give also some food donations during

festive seasons. If you do not have such people within your congregation, give a helping hand to your next door classis or congregation.

16. Church Official meetings Min. Pt.11.2.2 Ag. Syn.Com. Pt. 2.2.

Sometimes members of the church become confused as to when they should dress officially and casually. The synod resolved that the church official meetings are as follows: -

i) Church council meetings

ii) Classis meetings

iii) Synod meetings

iv) General synod meetings

v) Moderamen meetings

vi) Synodical commission meetings

vii) Church funerals

These meetings are official whether ordinary or special. The synod request members to be very orderly at meetings because all these meetings are not ours, they belong to Jesus Christ. Those who serve Jesus should do so in all honesty. If you cannot behave in meetings, please stay away because you are a bad element in a wrong place. The church is God’s children.

17. Church documents Min. Pt. 11.3. Ag. Syn.Com. Pt.3

Every church, every religion, every society, every organization have got papers, documents etc. An Organization which respects itself will not have their documents thrown everywhere. Documents must be safeguarded. These are the secrets of the church. They are not for public consumption. If you respect your church, if you love Jesus, if you are honest in what you are doing, please keep church documents safe. Know that it is a sin to be careless.

18. Uniformity in approach to different aspects of the church

Min.Pt.11.15. Ag. Syn. Com.Pt.5

We are a presbyterial system church and the authority of doing certain things lies with the church council. That is the beauty of our system, but the North and South Transvaal synod has developed some guidelines for congregations not to drift far apart from each other. The documents used in workshops for the church councillors have those guidelines. Please study and try them.

19. Church Order and Regulations Min.Pt.11.6. Ag. Syn.Com.Pt.6

Every member of the church has the right to access the church constitution. It is therefore imperative for the church council members to own a copy of the church law. Members should remember that the North and South Transvaal synod is a synod run by presbyters, started by presbyters and Article 14.2 of the constitution says the following about presbyters “Their duty is the government of the congregation”

Church council members should thoroughly study the church law. You can only take up positions in any organization if you know the constitution and the laws. Study the documents of the church so that you can execute good governance. Those who are lazy to study should not allow themselves to be elected to positions of responsibility.

20. Relationship with other churches Min. Pt.11.7. Ag. Syn. Com.Pt.7

History has shown that our church does not have animosity against any church organization, or we never publicly condemn other religions. We also respect the government of the day. We are friendly to fellow Christians. We are the DRCA founded on the 7 May 1963 at Kroonstad. We do not recruit members from other churches. We follow the path of Gospel.

We preach the Word, we pray and praise and we wait for answers from God. We are not a dumping basket of other churches.

We are not a camp for asylum seekers. We are very honest to the course of DRCA. We do not refuse or expel children of God coming to us. We welcome them. We will not back down to any kind of pressure coming our way in or outside South Africa to change our minds on issues of our properties. We want them. The mistake of 1994 will never be repeated.

The North and South Transvaal Synod unanimously agreed not to entertain the issue of Unity of DRC family. That is our decision. Our General synod will also be informed of this vital decision.

21. Payment for delegates to classes, commissions and synod

meetings. Min. Pt.11.11. Ag. Syn. Com. Pt. 11.

The synod and members are aware that we do not have funds. Classes do not have funds, but these organs must function. We therefore obediently ask church councils to pay for their delegates to meetings, and provide meals for small meetings of the classes or synod held at their places. This is a humble request to our church councils.

22. Intervention of Moderamen Min. Pt. 11.12. Ag. Syn. Com. Pt.12

Since our synod is still growing and does not have deserved competency to respond to highly legal challenges within the congregations, and although we do have classes which should be entrusted with such responsibilities, the synod decided that until such time that human resource is competent, Moderamen will and shall always intervene where order in the church is at stake. Church councils and classes should be aware of this arrangement, and be wise to alert the leadership of the synod before anybody else.

23. Phetso ya Alg. Sinode 2011 – Maitlamo Min. Pt.11.13. Ag. Syn.

Com. Pt.13

Sinoto sa kakaretso se tsere tshwetso ya gore Baruti, Bagolo, Batlhanka ba tlaa tshwanelwa ke go tsaya maitlamo boša ka gonne boleng ba kereke le seriti sa yona di wela fatshe letsatsi le letsatsi.

Kereke e senyegile ka fa ntle le ka fa teng. Ga re sa le kereke e e phelang ka ntlha ya Keresete yo o bapotsweng a ba a tsoga mo baswing, yo o busang le go laola kereke ya gagwe ka lefoko le ka moa o o boitshepo, mme a biletsa batho botlhe go araba se ka tumelo, moo go bolelang gore motho a phelele Modimo fela

Ntšhafatso e mo kgatellong ka fa ntle le ka fa teng. Ka baka leo go tlhoka gore go saeniwe maitlamo a maša gore kwa bofelong molao wa kereke o tle o diragadiwe. Sinoto se amogetse ka bongwe ba pelo ntlha eno, mme se emetse gore Sinoto Kakaretso e fetse ka thulaganyo ya maitlamo gore a tle a romelelwe didika le makgotla go saena.

24. Baruti ba ba tswang dikerekeng tse dingwe Min.Pt. 11.14.

Ag. Syn.Com.Pt.14

Sinoto sa kakaretso se feditse jaana: -

i) Baruti ba ba tswang URCSA ba fudugela mo go rona, ba nna pele bonnyane dikgwedi di le 18, fa ba kgotsofatsa ba tlhagisiwa kwa Kuratorium go ya go dira Colloquim doctum

ii) Baruti ba ba tswang kwa dikerekeng tse dingwe tse di amogelesegang, bona ba nna mo tekong dingwaga di le 3, morago ba tsamae tsela e e boletsweng fa godimo

iii) Moruti yo o tswang URCSA , a tla le phuthego, phuthego eo yaa amogelwa le ene jaaka setho sa phuthego. Moruti ene o dira kopo ya go nna Moruti mo DRCA, mme o tsaya nako e e tsewang ke ba bangwe ya 18 months. Pharologanyo ke gore, ene o nne a nna Moruti wa phuthego e a tlang le yona, ka dithata tse di feletseng tsa baruti, fela dithata tsa gagwe ga di tswele kwa ntle ga melelwane ya phuthego ya gagwe, le gona ga a nne tokollo ya sedika kgotsa Sinoto. O nna observer fela go fitlhella a tsamaya tsela ya i, le ii

25. Sunday / Sontaga Min. Pt 11.16. Ag.Syn. Com. Pt. 16

The reason why the church, why the synod, why the church councils, why the clergy, is because of God’s service for Christians. Sunday means a day dedicated to God. Every congregation in the DRCA should hold a church service every Sunday. Nothing and nothing whatsoever should substitute a church service

Church service should be conducted according to Liturgical order prescribed by the General Synod and printed in the church Hymn book Hosanna. Church councils must never ever allow anything to be done in the place of church service. Church service should not be given to organizations to conduct it. The church council must be vigilant to watch over the purity of the doctrine of the church constitution Article 14.5. All the organizations must obey the directives of the church. They should obey their constitutions because those constitutions have been approved by the synod. Organizations should know that they are under the supervision of the church councils. If an organization does not behave, the church council is to blame.

26. Meeting of the church councils Min. Pt. 11.17. Ag. Syn.Com.Pt.17

Church councils in our synod, the North and South Transvaal, should comply with Article 22 of the church constitution.

i) Councils should hold at least 4 church council meetings per year, with very neat and respectable minutes, under the chairman as indicated in the law, and the church council should constitute a quorum. After every meeting, minutes

of the previous meetings must be signed by all church council members present. No changes should be brought into the minutes. No use of correction fluid and no scratching. Cancelling should be done by pen, making a straight line on the word or sentence.

ii) Church councils to know that the church council in committee meetings, under the chairmanship of a presbyter, is a meeting of the committee and they should keep their own minute book, and not use the minute book of the church council. The church council in committee reports to the church council at every meeting.

iii) North and South Transvaal synod should know that to be where it is now, it’s through the hard work of the church councils in committee, and this was not for emergency purposes, it is here to stay because it is not at loggerheads with the church constitution. Church councils are advised to have a church council in committee and to have a presbyter as chairman, even at those congregations who have a clergy.

27. Dingwaga tse 70. Min.Pt.11.18. Ag.Syn.Com.Pt.18

Moderamen wa Sinoto Kakaretso o ne wa lemoga fa go na le bothata ka dingwaga ka gonne go ya ka KAS (Ke gore komisi ya tsamaiso le dichelete, Moruti fa a fitlhile 70 years ga a sa tlhole a ka bitswa ke phuthego epe ya DRCA. Ka jalo, Baruti ba ba fetileng 70 years, ba amogelwa fela ke Sinoto sa kgaolo go dira tiro ya baruti. Lebella molao wa bo 29.7 mo molao theong. Se se tlhalosa gore: -

i) Moruti fa a le 70 years, mme a tla le phuthego, Sinoto se mo amogela jalo a le Moruti wa phuthego eo a tlang ka yona, e le Moruti wa yona. O dumellwa ke Sinoto seo go nna le karolo mo dikgang tsa sedika se a welang mo go sona, mme ebile a ka dumellwa go ya sinotong seo, fela ga a kake a fetela sinotong sa kakaretso kgotsa go bidiwa kwa sinotong kgaolo e nngwe. Lebaka legolo ke gore disinoto tsa kgaolo di na le melawana ya tsona e e sa tshwaneng.

ii) Moruti fa a le 70 years mme a se mo phuthegong e a tlang ka yona jaaka Moruti wa yona, Moruti yoo o amogelwa ke Sinoto mme diphuthego di ka mo dirisa ka go mo kopa go thusa mo ditirelong dingwe tse a ka di kgonang, kwantle ga go tshwara makgotla a kereke. A ka kopiwa go boloka, go jesa selallo, go kolobetsa, go tlhomamisa, go tshegofatsa manyalo. Lekgotla la kereke le rulaganya le ene gore le tlaa mo leboga jang.

iii) Moruti fa a ntse a le mo DRCA, mme a tshwara dingwaga di le 70 a le mo phuthegong, ga go na se se fetogang ka ene, le ditshwanelo tsa gagwe ga di fetoge ka gope, mme fela fa a ka tlogela mo phuthegong eo, ga a kake a tlhola a ka bidiwa ke phuthego epe, mme ebile le ditshwanelo tsa gagwe mo sinotong tsotlhe di a fela.

iv) Kereke kgotsa Sinoto ga se ise se fitlhe mo boemong jo e ka laolang lekgotla la kereke go tlosa Moruti ka gonne a godile. Kgato e e nosi e e amogelesegang ke ya lekgotla la kereke ya gagwe kgotsa phuthego ya gagwe fela.

28. Workshop of councillors. Min. Pt. 11.19. Ag.Syn.Com.Pt.19

Besides different workshops already held for church councillors in the past, the synod has approved that a workshop be held for confirmation class teachers and the document to be used has been approved to be used as a guide in our synod

29. Funerals of officers of the church.Min.Pt.11.26,


When we talk of officers of the church we mean Presbyters, Deacons and Clergy. We are aware that the final decision concerning the funerals of these people lies with the family, but the church would like to register its presence at the funerals of officers, and to have that opportunity is only when the funeral is conducted during the week and not on Saturday or Sunday.

The Synod would like to recommend that where possible this wish be heeded to.

30. Position of Evangelists in our church. Min.Pt.12.3.Ag.Act.Pt.3.

Sinoto e feditse gore ga go sa na baefangedi mo kerekeng ya rona. Bao ba leng teng ba bidiwe baruti, ka sekgowa ke Reverend. Go tlhaloganngwe gore ga e re ke bo Dominus, ya re ke bo Reverend. Go be go tlhaloganngwe gore Mafoko a mabedi a, ga a lekane ebile ga a reye se se tshwanang.

Thulaganyo ya Sinoto ya North and South Transvaal ke gore ba ba feditseng dithuto tsa boruti ka fa molaong wa kereke ke bo Dominus, mme baefangedi jaanong ba tlaa bidiwa bo Reverend, eseng bo Dominus.

31. Appointment Certificates Min.Pt.12.4. Ag. Act.Pt.4.

No Presbyter or Deacon should be allowed to serve in this position, if he/she cannot produce an appointment certificate in three months after induction. The synod therefore resolves once more that there must be a documentary proof that a person is appointed to a specific portfolio. Applications must be submitted to the Actuarius Synodi.

32. Theological students Min. Pt. 12.6.Ag. Act. Pt. 6

The synod has decided that only the students from the DRCA theological Institutions should be allowed practicals in our congregations.

33. Diphuthego tse di ipitsang DRCA Min.Pt.12.7. Ag.Act. Pt.7

Sinoto se tsere tshwetso ya Alg. Sinode gore e tsenngwe tirisong, gore diphuthego tsotlhe tse di tlhomilweng ka borabele, di sena kgolagano epe le kereke ya rona, mme ba ipitsa ka leina la rona di tseelwe dkgato tsa molao. Legal steps are now in process

34. Kerk Orde. Art.21, Bep.96.2.Min.Pt.12.10.Ag.Act.Pt.10

Sinoto se gatella ntlha ya gore phuthego e e ka fitlhelwang e sa tshegetse molawana wa 96.2, Sedika se e tlhatlhamolle ka go kopa tetla kwa sinotong mme se e dire lekala la phuthego e e gaufi. Ka bongwe ba pelo Sinoto ya amogela ntlha eo.

35. Baruti mo sinotong ya rona Min.Pt.12.11.Ag.Act.Pt.11

Baruti ba ba gone mo sinotong ya North and South Transvaal ke ba ba latelang:-

Ds. S.C.Kgobokoe

Dr. M.P.Ntshumayelo

Dr. M.P.Mohapi

Ds.S.J. Mokoena



Ds. P.M.Madikwane

Rev. Z.S.Mabuza





36. Presentation of church documents Min.Pt.12.12.Ag.Act.Pt.12

Let us try by all means to be neat and presentable in whatever we do. If you fill in the forms, try by all means to be neat, mind your hand writing, read instructions. People are unable to fill in letters of credentials form. Your letters to each other, to the office. Let them be neat and clean. Let us be thorough in whatever we do.

37. Respect for time.Min.Pt.12.13.Ag.Act.Pt.13

The synod is calling on everybody to learn to keep time in everything we do. If we set time, let us observe and respect it. It is a sin to be always late. A re ithuteng go tshwara nako e re e beileng. Re dire dilo ka nako. Asseblief.

38. Actuarius to Classes.Min.Pt.12.15.Ag.Act.Pt.15.

The Actuarius will attend meetings of classes in order to guide and help the leadership of the classis. He is not attending to find faults. He is just attending for schooling. Please trust him. Let us not be afraid to phone him and seek for information and solving problems. He does not know everything but the little he knows, he will share with you. Classes to consult with Actuarius before convening meetings.

39. Status of Caretaker (Konsulent) Min.Pt.

Maemo a botlhokomedi a nna jaaka a ntse go fitlhella go nna le dithulaganyo tse dingwe. The position of the caretaker clergy remains as it is until the position of number of clergy in our synod changes


Suggested changes to the constitutions were not accepted by the synod.Otherwise the work done by Organizations was highly appreciated.

C. Explanation of abbreviations

Min. - Means Minutes

Ag. - Means Agenda

Scr. - Means Scriba

Arch. - Means Archivist

Pt. - Means Point

Act. - Means Actuarius

Adm. - Means Administrator

Syn.Com. - Means Synodical Commission.

O.C. - Means Order Commission

Temp.Com. - Means Temporary Commission

Perm.Com. - Means Permanent Commission

Bep. - Means Bepaling / Regulation


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